Learn Bungee

After 15 years dancing in a harness, I offer a depth of somatic wisdom and articulation to my teaching.  Bungee Hijinks is a specialty workshop that occurs periodically at my home studio, Le Cirque Centre, in Ashland, OR. It is also available to travel. Please contact me if you would like to bring me to your studio for a workshop or teacher training.

Photo: Charline Formenty

Bungee Hijinks Workshops

Find a flow and expand your acrobatic possibilities! Low-flying bungee and harness will have you gliding, flipping, bouncing and laughing immediately. This one-off workshop is for anyone who saw the video and thought, “I want to try that!”  Students will become familiar with harness safety and double-point bungee vocabulary in order to fly underwater-on-the-moon.

Bungee Teacher Training

Dig in to low-flying bungee and harness variations! We will spend time with single point, double point and partnering vocabulary to find the sweetest and safest spot for exuberant flying. Bungee can be dynamic, hilarious, other-worldly and simply fun, with your imagination the only limit to what might be possible! Articulating safe practices with this equipment prepares teachers to guide students into continued exploration for creativity and for fitness.